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St. Elizabeth Urgent Care & Family Practice

676 FM 517 Road West
Dickinson, TX 77539
Phone: 713-482-4535 Fax: 713-482-4560
Hours: M-F | 8 AM to 7 PM, Sat | 9 AM to 2 PM, Sun | 12 PM to 4 PM

Send an e-mail to this contact or use the form on the right:


Any appointment request please send to or call 713-482-4535


Allow 7-14 days for lab results to come in. All patients with critical lab results will be contacted by St. Elizabeth immediately. For direct questions contact or call 713-482-4535


Patient referrals will be done within a 3-5 day period. If a referral is needed immediately (marked stat), the referral will be done before the patient leaves our facility. For direct questions contact or call 713-482-4535


Imaging appointments will be scheduled by the imaging facility. Imaging results will be followed up with the patient after the results have been reviewed by the physician. Notification will then be made with a basic assessment of the results by the provider. Additional information on the assessment needs to be followed up with a scheduled appointment.


New prescriptions over the phone will not be approved. Refill of prescriptions will be approved at the discretion of the physician. For direct questions contact or call 713-482-4535

It is important that you schedule your next visit prior to running out of your regular medications in order to avoid any interruptions in care.


If a patient has billing questions please email or call 713-482-4535

Please remember, it is your responsibility as the patient to adhere to the medical advice of your physician.

Information is constantly changing. For your health benefit please make sure we have all current personal and healthcare insurance information on file. Thank you, helping us keeps you informed and up to date……..

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